Don’t Get Intimidated With Your Online Marketing

Don’t Get Intimidated With Your Online Marketing

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Advertising Business Online Social Media

Advertising Business Online Social Media

Keeping up with the BIG PLAYERS changes is constant, like Facebook and Google.  It’s hard enough for Internet Marketers like myself to keep up with adjusting rules, never mind a business owner who is busy taking care of their business.  A business owner would have to have 4 to 6 extra hours per day to keep up with social media creation and postings, if they intended to use that method to increase revenue.

If you are doing any kind of online marketing and getting over 3% results, you are doing better than average.  Zoning in and customizing your online audience with demographic targeting to boost response rates is crucial to run a successful marketing campaign.


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About the Author: Lea Gail Parkhurst

I have years of experience in blog word press websites, wp plugins knowledge and set up, and install, and SEO for word press. Add to that the variety of services that are offered all to help your business succeed online. I launched the "ThompsonandOkanaganClassifiedAds" .com, website and have been upgrading it ever since, I created my services website "AdvertiseYourBizOnline" .com, then online advertising and marketing at "ViralAdvertisingBusiness" .com, and then a local social community at "ThompsonOkanaganFriendsFast" .com, added "Best-WebsiteHosting" .org, and it goes on and on. I offer many types of software to make your word-press blog get high Local SEO results, and then specialized in Social Media Templates, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Fanpages, Facebook Apps and Facebook Coupons. Then added Mobile Marketing and QR Code advertising and promotions. The hardest part of online marketing is keeping up with all the new developments, as it is changing so fast, with computer scripts getting more and more advanced. As a business person dedicated in marketing your business, I can truly say that you will not have the time to keep updated in learning the newest and latest online marketing methods. Let someone who specialized in online marketing help get your business on the internet map and earning you more money.

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