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The Different Offline Marketing Methods

If you think promoting your business or website online is not giving you your much desired traffic and visitors, you may want to start thinking about doing your marketing offline. Unknown to most online marketers, offline marketing is a very strong means of business or website promotion. There are different offline marketing methods you can choose from, and all these provide various benefits.

Print Marketing

As the name implies, marketing by print pertains to posting advertisements via paper. You can do this in three different ways, as follow:

• Newspapers and magazines. This is an expensive print marketing option because you will have to pay for ad space. Depending on the popularity and circulation coverage of the paper, you might pay higher if you're advertising with a big company. But, the benefit is that you'll get possible customers in an instant—those who read the paper will know about your business at once.

• Flyers and leaflets. This is a less expensive print marketing option because you won't have to pay for ad space. All you'll need are paper, printer, ink, and people who will do the posting or handing out of the flyers and leaflets. Its benefit is that it would be up to you how many people you reach.

• Press release. This is another print marketing method that is not as expensive but almost as powerful as marketing via newspapers and magazines. And while you'll be promoting your business, you'll also be giving the press people a topic to write about. And, you won't have to pay much with this method.

Live Commercial Marketing

Unlike all other offline marketing methods, this type of marketing makes use of live broadcast in television and radio. Similar to newspapers and magazines, you also pay television and radio stations for airing space, or airing time, for your commercials. This is also an expensive option but with tremendous benefits, considering that almost all households today have televisions and radios. Besides, watching television and listening to the radio are activities common to both young and old, and to men and women alike. So, your audience and potential customers will come from various generations and from all walks of life.

Sponsoring Or Participating In Events

It could be a seminar or a workshop in your field, or even an event like a charity. You can be the host or you can also be a guest. By showing yourself to people, your target customers, it's easy to establish trust among them and it's easier to convince them to go for your product or service. You'll also be given the chance to explain to them what your business is all about—answer their questions, hear their comments personally, and see their reaction, something that is not possible with online marketing.

Giving Away Freebies

Everybody loves freebies, and you can use this to market your site. Give out stuffs that contain your site URL, from bumper stickers to caps and similar items. Like giving out flyers and leaflets, the benefit with giving away freebies is that you can decide just how many people you can reach

All these offline marketing methods are available for you to choose from. When employed properly, they are powerful methods to promoting your site and business.


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The Different Offline Marketing Methods  Offline & Online Marketing resources image
The Different Offline Marketing Methods  Offline & Online Marketing image

The Different Offline Marketing Methods  Offline & Online Marketing resources image
The Different Offline Marketing Methods  Offline & Online Marketing image

The Different Offline Marketing Methods  image