Facebook is Constantly Changing and YOU Need AYBO to Help You!

Facebook Timeline used properly is the most powerful marketing tool online today! 

Your Fanpage needs to be "OPTIMIZED" in order for your reviews to be picked up by Google. 


Check out these features on Facebook Pages

Facebook APPS that can link to your website, or any page within your website.

A new MASSIVE cover image spanning more then 800 pixels

Ability to PIN posts up to a week

Timeline Navigation so fans can go back and view your page any any point in the past

Milestones to define your page's great moments

Ability to Star engaging posts to span across your entire page

Hide or delete posts that are out of date or embarrassing

Daily snapshots of your pages insights

Newly designed and organized admin panel

Private messaging from fans

AND, Friend Activity Feed to add social proof to your page


Whether you like it or not, Facebook is changing all the time. Some people aren't big fans of the new Timelines layout. Love 'em or hate 'em, they're here to stay. But with the proper know-how from our Timelines for Pages guide, you'll be able to turn your business pages into an attractive and engaging place for all your fans and new users. You'll actually be one of the few who are prepared.

Facebook is always evolving - it's also continually growing with 1.2 billion active users. As a business or marketer, you know you need to be up-to-date and be one of the first to make these changes or you'll be left behind.

The new Fanpage cover images NOW are NOT allowed to be promotional. Meaning no "Click Like" or "Opt-in Below" no "Website URL" no "Phone numbers" no "Address".

But you can implement an "Opt-in" Quizz or Like feature that redirect your visitors to a specific Facebook APP.

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By Ordering The "AYBO Facebook Timeline Business Package" You will be able to Download Our Free Timelines for Pages Guide
You'll be Able to Adapt Swiftly To

"How To Use" your new Fanpage!

The "AYBO Facebook Timeline Business Package and Guide covers....

How to Effectively Use the New Cover Image to Better Your Brand

All Facebook Timeline Graphics to Brand Your Fanpage Professionally

Making Full Use of the About Section to Grab Users Attention

Applying Apps; Linking your Apps; and creating app graphics for branding.

Pinning Posts for Maximum Exposure

Anchoring Posts that Matter

Milestones - their Significance and How to Use Them

Tips on Starring Posts to Strengthen Viewership

Timeline activity feed allowing users to search deep back into your page's past

Daily snapshot of your pages Insights - letting you know what's working and what's not.

New Admin Panel Features and How to Get Things Done Faster

A In-Depth Look at the NEW Activity Log

A Friend Feed displaying what all your fans and their friends are saying about your business.


Click the order button below and you can get an amazing new upgraded Facebook Timeline and information on how to use it! No joke. We will send you an exclusive in-depth guide on using Facebook's new features and making the switch to the new Timelines layout seamless.

After you've had some time to go over the guide, we'll have someone follow-up with you.  If you want us to take care of just one small aspect of your Facebook page - like say re-designing your new cover image, no problem. And if you want us to completely take over your entire Facebook marketing campaign, we can do that too.

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Who Will Benefit From the Info in Our

Timelines for Pages Guide?

Current Page Owners -

If you own a Fanpage and you're unprepared for the new updates to Facebook Timelines OR, you want your NEW Fanpage to have the maximum effectiveness it deserves to start getting noticed and getting new fans on Facebook.

Business Owners -

If you own a business and your presence on the Internet is either non-existent or out-of-date. Facebook's change to the NEW timelines layout has leveled the playing field and now's your chance to get started at the same spot as everyone else.

New Page Owner -

If you have been dying to get online for a while now and think this is the perfect time to start your Facebook Fanpage well you're right! We'll help your business set it up and optimize it for Google ranking.

Internet Marketers -

If you have multiple Facebook pages to manage and you need someone to guarantee your pages are all optimized so Google will rank your page.

Timelines For Pages

So, According to Facebook's S-1 filing, there were more than 50 million pages with 10 or more Likes as of Dec. 31, 2013.

With the new Timelines design and buzz around the world, that number is sure to grow.

The new design has caught a lot of attention and companies that resisted Facebook realize that's no longer an option!

Lucky for you, this whole new roll-out of Facebook's Timelines has created a very interesting situation.

 Facebook's platform as a marketing tool is still so effective that even professional marketing teams test, try, analyze, tweak and repeat

37 million+ page owners to capture your users attention, get their Like, and turn fans into happy, loyal customers.

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Think about it. Your Facebook page has the potential to bring in tons of happy, loyal customers. They come and buy from you because they know you - They Liked you on Facebook. They see your presence among that of their freinds everyday. You give them value, they give you their attention.

Face it... Marketing isn't easy. But Marketing on Facebook is easy. It's the same kind of marketing you do everyday. You market yourself everytime you interact with someone. And that's what marketing is on Facebook. You create relationships, share your stories with one another, and always offer a helping hand.

The information in this exclusive guide details how your business can benefit from your social media relationships.

Do yourself a favor and just get it all done for you right here!

To Your Facebook Success!

Lea Gail Parkhurst

Parkhurst ProBiz International - Advertise Your Biz Online

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