Get The Most From Your Social Marketing!

Social Media Marketing has advanced so much in the last few years. It is critical that your business keep up with new technology and new software to market your business online. At AYBO we set up your Fanpage, Linkedin, Pinterest,YouTube and Google Plus all with matching graphics and logo. More »

Every Business Needs Viral Online Marketing!

By using Viral Software to market your business online you begin to get Viral Traffic Generation that increases your exposure and sales. This is the most affordable way to start an online marketing campaign. More »

If You Don\\\\\\\'t Have Mobile You Don\\\\\\\'t Have An Online Presence!

By setting up your business with a Mobile Website and Mobile Apps you instantly get recognized with not only Google put also the public with being up to date with new technology. Mobile makes your business portable and searchable. More »

Every Business Needs Affordable Online Tools!

To effectively take advantage of visits to your website your business need online tools for capturing the name and email\\\\\\\'s of your new prospects. Then you can follow up with email\\\\\\\'s, videos and even do online conferences with staff, sales people or the general public. More »

Get Your FB Fanpage and Apps Set Up Professionally!

Using Facebook Fanpages properly gives your business a bigger image not only in your local community but also in your province and country. The more your name shows up when people are scanning posts the more likely it is they will opt to use your products and services. More »


Introducing FanGoogle!

Advertising Business Online is very excited to announce our new Social Media Packaged Service called FanGoogle!


FanGoogle Ad FanGoogle Ad

FanGoogle is the combination of complete set up and optimization of a Facebook Fanpage and a

Google Plus Page for your online business marketing.  Plus get a FREE copy of “Facebook

Marketing Mania” with an instant download when you visit our FanGoogle sales page.

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Lea Gail Parkhurst

Get FREE SMS Using Facebook

Free SMS & Calls : is the best service in the whole world provide free calls and SMS


Free SMS & Calls is a very simple service to use you just need to login via facebook and start sending unlimited SMS a day For free and for ever no taxes no add-ons no software to install just enjoy send your lovely sms.

Free SMS & Calls provide a big library of sms templates ready to send just select one of them and start sending with no limits’
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WIN $34,000 In August 2013!

WHOW….This Hot – New Business Strategy for Offline – Online or Networking/MLM Business owners is incredible!

You can WIN CASH FOR REAL – $34,000 in absolute pure cash in the month of August!  The Whole Pure Leverage Marketing Suite is LIVE and ready to go TODAY…NOW…GO….

What do you get?  Where else can you get an “Authority BLog” built for you; a “Lead Capture System” that’s done for you; a “Professional Auto-Responder Service” with an amazing in-box deliverability; a “Video Email Service” and a “Conference Room” all for less than a cup of coffee a day!  Invest only $25.00 per month and watch your business SKY ROCKET with this HUGE set of business services  that will take your business to the next level fast!  Just visit  here: WIN $34,000


Add Pure Leverage and Watch Out!

Is your business making the most out of online marketing?


Getting results from your online marketing for offline business is an ongoing process.  But what if you could use a pre-built program that sets everything up so you begin to get new leads and sales fast!

Welcome to “Pure Leverage“, this is a Brand New Program and a BIG GAME changer for many businesses!

Talk to your sales force all at once using online group conferencing, email your contacts as often as you need. This is the latest and newest online business promotional tools package released and YOUR BUSINESS NEED IT!

Just take a minute and take a look….it will excite and surprise you, “Pure Leverage“!


Local Library Using Mobile App

I recently read in the Morning Star that the Okanagan Regional Library introduced a new mobile app for customers.  

Advertising Business Online Business Mobile Apps Advertising Business Online Business Mobile Apps

“We’re very excited to enter the mobile world, said Chantelle McGee, head of ORL’s new virtual branch.”  I was excited to see that a major local service like our library had embrassed mobile app development.

Advertising Business Online is now offering Mobile Website Development, Mobile SMS Marketing and Mobile App Creation to local businesses throughout the Okanagan and B.C.   Mobile is the next BIG marketing tool to immediately reach your fan base and those up with the latest Smart Phone technology.

Please call for a FREE 1/2 Hr consultation regarding your Website and Fanpage, at: 250-260-5883.

Lea Gail Parkhurst

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Mobile Website Vs. Mobile App

Business Owners Have Lots of W.20 Decisions To Make And One Of The Biggest Ones is “Do I Need A Mobile Website or a Mobile App”?

Advertising Business Online Mobile Website Vs Mobile App Advertising Business Online Mobile Website Vs Mobile App

Going Mobile and establishing a online mobile presence should start with a Mobile Website first, as this establishes them as a player in the Mobile arena.   Using a mobile application requires users to download your customized (app) onto their “Smart Phones”, and it becomes a permanent entity for use.   Both these mobile services can appear the same at a glance,  but each has it’s own unique benefits and features for the end user, your target audience.

When To Use Mobile Websites and/or Mobile Apps?

Learning the difference between a Mobile Website and a Mobile App, will help you decide on which one is the best choice for your business.   Since both the mobile website and the Mobile app are only viewed on a Smart Phone like iPhone, Android, Blackberry or tablets from the same companies they become the most important online upgrade your company should be considering to keep on top of  online advertising and marketing.    Both Mobile websites and Mobile apps are designed to be easily read on the smaller screen, and are sized for this viewing purpose with the added touch-screen interface.

Since a Mobile website uses HTML you can added display images, maps, coupons, click-to-call, text-to-win,  with mobile-specific features for customer convenience and list building purposes.   Mobile website are access the same way as any website through a browser, and can be found using  online SEO.

In order to use a Mobile app, it must first be downloaded on to your Smart Phone and activated.  So the user must first use a device-specific portal such as Apple’s App Store for iphone users, an Android app store like Android Market or if using Blackberry, their app store, Blackberry App World.   Depending on how the app is build it can download any kind of content, images, videos the same as a Mobile website, but  on main difference is that it can be accesses even when offline.

Starting with a well built Mobile Website will get you started in reaching the millions of smart phone users, and if  your business has need of developing an app for a very specific marketing strategy,  then it can be a very good addition to a businesses online development.

Remember that a Mobile website is easily available through a browser from any smart phone.   With the help of a Mobile Marketing Agent you can upgrade your Mobile website quickly and without any stress.   A Mobile website shares all the properties of a regular website for online advertising campaigns, and can easily be used for SMS text messaging.

Contact AdvertiseYourBizOnline to help you decide if your business needs a Mobile APP as well as a Mobile Website!

For a FREE half hour consultation please fill in the form on our Contact us link on this website. (

Lea Gail Parkhurst

Parkhurst ProBiz International

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Emailing Vs SMS Text Messaging

Online Marketing Strategies That Best Suit Your Business! 

Advertising Business Online Email VS SMS Text Messaging Advertising Business Online Email VS SMS Text Messaging

Many business owners are confused about the new technology, and just don’t know which method will work best for your business.  Some have been able to collect names of existing customers and send out email’s now and again, which can increase repeat sales and keep them in touch with their customers.  But now there is the option of Mobile Marketing using SMS text messaging.   Well this method collects new prospects and potential new customers much quicker almost instantly once your have sent out your SMS message.  So this then has the ability to increase your daily, weekly and monthly sales on a regular basis.

And once you have them on your SMS list you can always asks them if they want to also be added to your email list, and have them –“Text-to-Add”, in an SMS message to do so.

Using Mobile Marketing is much broader than many realize.  Your choices are greater if your business has stepped up its online image, and set up there business model t cover all angels.  So the first question is?” Does Your Business Have A Mobile Website”?   That is the first thing you need to get into place to take advantage of the new technology circulating in the advertising and marketing arena. Have you set up a “Face Do you own a “Smart Phone”, a cell phone with the technology capable of responding to an SMS Text message?    Have you set up a Facebook Fanpage”? And if your answer is “YES”, has it been customized, branded  and Optimized and made professional, or is it looking naked and unattended to?  Did you know that once you have a Professional Fanpage with “Custom Apps” you now have a HOT NEW means to attract new prospects to your SMS Mobile Marketing Campaigns?

Back to the value of email marketing, with email you can tell more details of your proposal, you can directly showcase a product “Special Offer” with all the bells and whistles…. You have a lot of power once the email is opened to increase your customer’s appreciation of your product or services.   The ease for making a quick decision to purchase by just clicking a link within the email can be an attractive alternative.

One big advantage of SMS text messaging as you can reach your customer on the go, and not just depend on them to read your message while sitting at their computer.  Curiosity is one of the biggest bonuses you have with SMS Text messaging, people can hardly stand it when a message has come in, they instantly want to read who has sent them something.

So at the end of the day it is recommended that business implement both methods to stabilize ongoing sales and keep customers wanting new offers on your products or services.

To get a Mobile Website and/or a SMS Mobile Ad Campaign set up for your business, please contact us at : 250-260-5883.  Advertising Business Online is her to service all your website and online marketing needs.  You can head over to our contact page for sending us a question, we would love to hear from you.

Lea Gail Parkhurst

Parkhurst ProBiz International


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Success In Mobile Website Marketing

Marketing Tips ForMobileWebsites

Advertising Business Online SMS Marketing Slow Day Advertising Business Online SMS Marketing Slow Day

Your business needs the newest advertising medium for marketing success.  You need to investigate mobile marketing and see if it is a good decision for your business.  We have given some great tips in this article about using a mobile website and then use mobile text message marketing.    If you haven’t experienced the thrill of getting a text message on your cell phone and the excitement in opening the message to see who it is from and what they have to say.  This is so powerful, people’s curiosity just can’t wait to read their text messages they will read it within 5 seconds of receiving it.   You are in control your SMS messages, you can send a message anytime, you control the time it goes out.   Your options are huge, everything from coupons to polls, surveys, quizzes, you decide.   You ability to increase your daily sales is so HUGE you just won’t believe it until you try it.  The more the customer sees or hears from you the more they will think of you when they need your products or services.

The reason you want to promote a “Scan-to-Win”, “Text-to-Win” “Call-to-Win”, and so on is that you need the customers cell phone number and email address in order to complete your SMS messages.   It is recommended use SMS Texting for mobile instead of offering a video, as watching a video on the smart phones is not as watched.  The statistics show that over 88% open a text message whereas only 41% will watch a video.

Of course since your customers have Opted-In to your list, you do not want to annoy them by sending too many text messages.   On the other side you want to keep your messages short and to the point.  Your customers attention span on the cell phone is very short, so you will need to get their attention and motivate them to act.

Know your competition, see what they are offering in their SMS Mobile Marketing Campaigns.  If you see an AD with a QR Code scan it, if you are at the till and you see a  Scan-to-Win tent scan it this way you know exactly what they are offering.

If you sell a product that customers can video tape themselves using, ask them to produce a short video and upload it using their cell phone.  You can add these to your websites and this is the most powerful advertising you can ever have.

Advertising Business Online specializes in Mobile Marketing and will help you set up a strategically designed marketing campaign that suits your target market and products and services.

So do your business a favor, and just give us a call for your FREE half hour consultation, and let us take your business to the next level!

Lea Gail Parkhurst

Parkhurst ProBiz International

Mobile – Mobile – Mobile


Advertising Business Online Advertising Costs Advertising Business Online Advertising Costs

Advertising cost can cause your business to go “OUT OF BUSINESS”!  Sometimes they work and often they don’t.  But you can’t get that money back it is gone.  So how much do you need to earn to cover your newspaper advertising.  Sometimes people get numb from ready your business ads.

But when you use mobile marketing, you get customers who have given you permission to send them “Surprise Specials”.  Unannounced specials, sent by text messaging gets their immediate attention.   Yes immediate attention, they can’t help but open there text message because they don’t want to miss anything.  So they open and read every single text message.  Not only that but if they are with a friend and they get a text offering a special timely offer, the chances are that your customer and their friend will come to your business to take advantage of the “Special Offer”.  This can double your customers and of course by putting a tent card at the till for new customers to scan, (where you offer them something special) into their cell phones, adds them to your text messaging list. 

For a FREE half hour consultation, please call: 250-260-5883.

To view a video click this link.

And to add to everything else using mobile marketing can cost much less than traditional advertising, and get much better retention.  Just try it and see what happens, you never know it might change your marketing results forever!

And finally, since we are a Social Media Marketing company if you do not have your Facebook Fanpage in a professional state and optimized properly with custom images and apps, please call us immediately.  Facebook is a big today as having a website was 10 years ago.

Lea Gail Parkhurst

Parkhurst ProBiz International


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Twitter Cancelled Partnership With Linkedin!

Biggest New This Month – Twitter Has Ended Partnership With Linkedin!

Advertising Business Online Twitter Cancels Linkedin Advertising Business Online Twitter Cancels Linkedin

“Ryan Roslansky”, “Head of Content on Linkedin” released in his blog, Linkedin has had a 2 year contract with Twitter a micro-blogging website, that allows posts to be added to  Linkedin from Twitter.   This contract is now not being renewed, but if you have clicked the choice to have your posts on Linkedin added to your Twitter account that feature is still active and available.

Twitter has implemented stricter guidelines for application programming interface (API) for developers, which affects third party software programs.  While they are making these changes to protecting their own branding, developers are jolted by these changes as they have ptu some much time and resources into developing apps for Twitter.

Michael Sippy, Twitter product manager said in a blog post, “We’re building tools for publishers and investing more and more I our own apps to ensure that you have a great experience everywhere you experience you experience Twitter, no matter what device you’re using.”  Twitter Cards. The new addition to Twitter lets users add a few lines of code, or “card,” to a tweet that will add an expanded view of content on Twitter.

The challenge with many social media companies and especially applies to Twitter  and that is to find the right balance between supporting developers and operate a profitable business at the same time.

Lea Gail Parkhurst

Parkhurst ProBiz International

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